Hail Damage Repair

Mid-South Dent Pro specializes in Hail Damage Repair. We have international experience in every spectrum of the automotive PDR industry. We've worked with everyone from bodyshops and local dealers to large scale auto manufacturing plants, railroad holding lots, and marine shipping port authorities around the world. Every one of these utilizes expert PDR technicians to keep vehicles in pristine condition for the consumer.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is just that. It is the art of reshaping metal from the opposite side of the seen surface, restoring the damaged area back to its original factory state, without harming or refinishing the exposed seen surface. Paintless Dent Repair is primarily used for automotive applications, but we've also used it to repair kitchen sinks, refrigerator doors, stoves, grills, and other metal surfaced objects.

Ceramic Coatings with Ceramic Pro

We've partnered with Ceramic Pro to offer the best Ceramic Coating products in the country. Using a ceramic coating creates a permanent or semi-permanent, durable protective layer on automobiles, boats, motorcycles and many other applications. This will help to keep your vehicle's paint protected from salt, bug acid, tar, and other road grime.

ExoShield Windshield Protection

With the average cost of windshield replacement on modern cars being over $2000, you'll want to protect your investment even further with ExoShield. Make your Windshield 6 times less likely to break with ExoShield's Razor Thin and Completely Transparent Film. We offer coverage options for every kind of driver.

Window Tinting

Automotive window tint isn't just about keeping a low profile, it is about protection, efficiency, and comfort too. Mid-South Dent Pro offers window tint options not only because it looks cool - it keeps you cool, too. Whether you want to stay cooler during the Summer or change the appearance of your car, we have you covered!

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair

Motorcycle dent repair is a very difficult task and takes a well-skilled experienced technician to perform this repair. Tanks are pressure tested and the metal is much thicker and harder to manipulate. Not to mention the accessibility to get your tools inside the tanks is another job in itself to tackle.

Mid-South Dent Pro is equipped and well experienced in these repairs, saving customers thousands of dollars having to replace parts and repaint their whole bike so the parts will match.

For this repair, the tanks will have to be removed from the bike, mounted on our state of the art tank vice, specially made just for motorcycle repairs.

Vinyl Wraps

Planning to advertise your business on your truck or trailer? Maybe you want to change up your car's appearance and do a full-color change? We have you covered! We carry a selection of high-quality vehicle wrap materials from the top brands in the industry including 3M & Avery!

Minor Scratch Repair

Scratches happen - but you don't have to live with them permanently. Smaller scratches can be buffed out with the proper technique in some cases. For more details and a free quote - contact us today!

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is more important than most realize. If your headlights are fogged and oxidized, the amount of light that's suppose to be being emitted and projected so you can see at night is being reduced, dimmed, and in extreme cases blocked, keeping your headlights from performing and you the driver from seeing, making an unsafe environment to operate a vehicle safely at night

What Our Customers Have To Say...

My husband and I purchased our first new car in twelve years, and one week later we had three dents in the passenger door from a shopping cart. Tom did an unbelievably great job in repairing the dents(you cannot even tell where they were). We were very pleased with the timely, professional, reasonably priced service we received. We have recommended this service to friends and will continue to do so! Tommy & Sandra Young

After leaving a doctors appointment, I noticed a dent on the drivers side fender that most likely had been made by the car next to me opening a door too hard. I called Thomas at Mid-South Dent Pro and texted him a picture of the dent. I have a very busy schedule, and he met me in the afternoon. It only took him about fifteen minutes to make my car look like new. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to have a dent removed from his or her vehicle. James M.

I am very pleased with the services and quality repair I received and would recommend them to friends and colleagues. John H.

I had rented a car while mine was in the shop, came out of the store and someone had hit it! There was this big dent in the driver door. I didn't know what to do, I didn't take out the optional rental insurance coverage cause my credit card company covers it. Come to find out, there's still a $650 deductible I would have had to come out of pocket to get it fixed. One of my buddies told me about Tom at MidSouth Dentpro and what a great job he had done for him. I contacted Tom and he scheduled me in next day. It couldn't have been more perfect. He showed up and assessed the damage, fixed the door and it looked brand new and saved me big time. Returned the car the next day and no one knew there was ever a problem. Thanks Tom! Mark Fuller

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